Make the Most of Your Space

Spring is just around the corner.  For many of you, it’s finally the year you’re going to put your home up on the market.  For others, it’s time to fly the coop out of your parents’ house and get your first apartment or maybe even in your first home. ( You may be able to afford more than you realize. Others are planning on staying put.  Whatever the case may be, we have the resources to help you make the most of your space.

the-interior-of-the-1508271_960_720Start here for some common ideas to make small spaces feel bigger.  For example, use lighter colors that reflect light rather than absorb it.  This creates an open airy feeling.  Another great idea is to leave your windows uncovered to give the room more depth.

Okay, you’ve got some simple concepts down, but we won’t stop there.  What can you do to really shake things up and change the whole feel of your space?  Feeling adventurous?  Read instructions here on how to turn an old chair into a shelf! #repurpose

Ladies, we’re talking to you now.  Are you tired of scaling that mountain of shoes you have pink-shoes-2107618_960_720at the bottom of your closet?  Check out not one, but 22 shoe storage ideas!

Is storage your arch enemy?  The feud ends here!  Check out these awesome ideas to add storage to every room!

Maybe you have storage–you just can’t find it!  It’s time to declutter, my friend, and here are 5 simple steps for any room.

If you’re overwhelmed, that’s okay.  Help is on the way.  As Realtors, we have a list of trusted professionals that can help you get back on the right track.  You may decide when all is said it done, that you home just isn’t the right fit and that’s okay too.  The spring market is already here and we’ll help you make your move.  Contact us today!



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