Spring Allergy Remedies

Spring is sprung and for the first time in a long time, we can see our lawns! (Some of them are scary, but that’s another blog!)  Today as we rejoice in the new beginnings that are budding all around us, we must also prepare for the allergies the season brings.  For those who suffer, this year is forecasted to be one of the worst!  Let’s take a look at the causes and then some strategies for Spring Allergy Relief and Remedies.

 Climate Increase

According to the Washington Times, an early rise in Spring temperatures has wrecked pasture-2157805_1280havoc creating increased pollen counts and a prolonged season.


Budding trees are beautiful, but they get us every time.  Over 50 million Americans suffer when the leaves and flowering trees make their entrance.


Most houses have been known to have a spot of  mold at one time or another. It grows in areas that tend to be damp like under sinks, toilets, washing machines.  It’s important to be as proactive as possible.

Help is on the way

Be proactive.

  1.  Regularly wipe down the key areas to prevent mold that we mentioned and keep your house as dry as possible.  Houseplants can also have mold so be sure to check them regularly as well.
  2.  Change your air filters.  Your indoor air is important too and watch for pets that make track pollen in.
  3. Research the Pollen Count  Many of our local weather stations keep track of what the count is.  Of course, there’s also an app for the from Pollen.com.  When you see it’s high, stay inside and mow the lawn on a different day.  If you must go out, seek air conditioning, limit your time and take a shower as soon as you get back.

Check with Your Pharmacist

If you are a pretty consistent allergy sufferer, you need to make friends with a pharmacist. I They are great resources and always happy to speak with you, especially if you go in during off hours.  Most will help you talk through your symptoms to see what the best fit is.  Here is a recent list of over the counter recommendations.  If you are new to allergies or not sure what allergies you have, it’s always best to consult with your doctor first.

tea-2111138_1280Give Home Remedies a Try!

1.  Take a Sip

a. Cider Vinegar- Fear not—you don’t have to drink it straight, you can dilute it with water or lemon juice.  It will increase your potassium and help your runny nose.

b. Have some green tea

2.  Eat strategic items

honeya. Yes, indeed, probiotics (think yogurt) help support your immune system and balance out bacteria in your body.

b. Have a teaspoon of local raw honey.  It will help you build immunity to the pollen in your area. (The honey will go great with the green tea)

c.  Eat spicy food

Food with cayenne pepper, onion and garlic or hot ginger can help thin out your mucus.

3. Consider saline rinses and netti potts

Both are available at your local pharmacies.  The key is to be proactive and consistent to prevent your symptoms from occurring.

Looking for more information?  Check out some of the resources we used:



If you do suffer from allergies, where you live matters.  Let us help you find the home that fits!  Contact us today!


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