Syracuse NY: Independence Day 2017

john-silliman-140814There is something about July 4th that makes it perhaps the most exuberant of all holidays. It is a combination of pride, joy, expectation, and pure fun that makes it so special. While we definitely honor the courage of our fore-bearers, it is not a day to remember the fallen as much as to celebrate their spirit of derring-do and desire for freedom. Coupled with our readiness to embrace the summer (especially for us in the northern climates) and the spectacle of fireworks, it is a glorious holiday.

The festivities will take place at the beginning of the weekend of the City of Syracuse.

On Friday, June 30th, the events will be held at the Parks Departments headquarters at White Oaks Park, 412 Spencer Street. Things will get underway at 7 PM and the holiday celebration will coincide with the Parks Department centennial anniversary. Incorporated in 1917, the Parks Department current administrative offices’ site has  been an integral hub of Parks activity for most of the past hundred years.frank-mckenna-132739

The fireworks themselves will start at approximately 9:30 PM. Beforehand, there will be children’s games and activities. The Blacklites will also perform before the night skies are decorated with the exploding extravaganza. The Blacklites are a legendary Syracuse-based R & B band that has been performing in some configuration for most of the past forty years.

All events are free and open to the public – parking will be available on the streets around the park. Dog owners are reminded that the sounds associated with the fireworks can be alarming to our four-legged friends, so they are not encouraged to bring them.

All of these activities will infuse our national birthday with a distinctive local flare. Find one of your favorite vantage points, enjoy the events, and take pride in our American heritage!

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